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Lytec Medical XE

Lytec Medical for Windows is the leader in Windows-based practice management software. Introduced in 1992, Lytec Medical for Windows was the first nationally advertised Windows-based practice management system in the U.S.  With over 25,000 Windows products sold, Lytec Medical is the leader in Windows-based Practice Management software.

Ease of use and Affordability are the hallmarks of Lytec Systems products.
with ....Claims Management

ERA posting, Status and code checking

Lytec Medical 2013 empowers you with the following features:

NOW with Lytec® Claims Manager an all Inclusive service that includes front-end Real-Time claims scrubbing, Real-Time claims status for available payers, Unlimited Electronic Claims submission and Reject Management, Unlimited ERA, Eligibility (up to 500 per provider) and Paper Claims (up to 150 per provider; $0.43 per claim thereafter). Correct Coding Initiative/Local Medicare Review Policy (CCI/LMRP) editing is available as an optional add-on service. With CCI/LMRP edits (this is often referred to as “Clinical Claims Scrubbing”), you will be able to verify the clinical coding aspects of the claim per Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) guidelines. Additionally, this service will compare claims against Local Medicare Review Policy (LMRP) edits.

Standard Identifiers for HIPAA: Enter the HIPAA required standard identifiers for use in the Provider and Address screens. Enter the National Provider Identifier Number (NPI) or the Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Auto Logoff:
Protect your sensitive data with the auto logoff feature. The system will automatically log off after a specified period of idle time. This is an important feature to meet the HIPAA security requirements.

Built In Backup:
Backup your data files through the built-in backup scheduler and you don't have to stop working in order to backup. Automatic prompts remind the user to backup each time the system is exited. This is also an important feature for HIPAA security.

Patient Consents and Authorizations:
Keep track of the history of patient consents and authorizations with this new HIPAA Privacy feature. Choose from one of four types of notes for categorizing: standard note, record of patient consent, an acknowledgement of privacy notice and/or consent, and authorizations. The Expiration Date field helps to you to be aware of expiring authorization dates for patient authorizations.

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