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Improves Collections and Reduces Accounts Receivable

  • Actionable collection work lists  

  • Pinpoints both patient and insurance past-due balances

  • Criteria based collection assignments  

  • Prints professional patient statements with notes that encourage prompt payment

  • Collection file output for mail-merge  

  • Collection activity reporting  

  • Interfaces with NDC Statement Processing* for greater efficiency

Actively pursue past due invoices with the all new built in collection feature.

Integrated ERA - Electronic Remittance Posting  

  • Stores billing information for any health insurance plan

  • Helps track and manage all your insurance claims

  • Prints standard HCFA-1500 claim forms

  • Easily apply insurance payments with the payment wizard

  • ERA - Electronic remittance posting built-in  

  • Tracks past-due payments to maintain timely and accurate insurance billing

  • Interfaces with NDC Electronic Claims Processing* for faster claims processing and improved reimbursement

Simplifies Patient Accounting and Office Productivity

  • Easily customize your data entry workflow  

  • Adds efficiency with all account information for each patient on single screen for convenient access, entry, tracking and retrieval

  • User defined views  

  • Simplifies daily book balancing using patient daysheets

  • Personalize your own billing screen  

  • Easily applies patient payments with the payment wizard

  • Tracks insurance authorizations and notifies you when authorized visits have expired

  • Schedule automatic (even overnight) reports

Optimize your workflow by customizing your NDCLytec interface.

Analyzes Your Practice

  • Identifies and analyzes diagnosis and procedure code trends

  • Tracks your referring physician network profitability

  • Forecasts expected cash flow amounts  

  • Summarizes information about your practice’s financial status and service performance

  • Analyzes managed care costs for services provided against the insurance reimbursement received through contract services

  • Compares differences between charges billed to an insurance company and amount reimbursed from the insurance company

  • With the optional Crystal Report module you can create a multitude of custom reports.*

  • You can export reports to Excel, Word, PDF and other formats.

HIPAA Security Readiness

  • Flexible, secure user access management tools  

  • User based login and activity reporting  

  • Option to enable database encryption  

  • Security profile reports  


HIPAA security readiness enables you to easily implement flexible security protocols in your practice.

Improves Productivity in Scheduling Appointments

  • Appointment opportunity reporting  
  • Schedules, moves, or cancels appointments quickly and easily
  • Views appointments according to your office setup — by day, week, or resource
  • Keeps track of patients waiting for an appointment
  • Prints superbills
  • Audits billings back to appointments
  • Alerts staff of patients’ co-payments and balances due
  • Set patient recalls

* Requires additional purchase or subscription to service

Workstation System Requirements (Recommended): Pentium 4 2.6Ghz processor or higher, 1GB of available hard disk space, 512MB of RAM, 16+ color display, Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional.

Server System Requirements (Recommended): Pentium 4 2.6Ghz processor or higher, 2GB of available hard disk space, 1GB of RAM, 16+ color display, Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 Server.


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