Lytec Medical 2006 Training

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Lytec offers "Interactive Training CDs" which includes a friendly interactive instructor that will guide you step-by-step through the Lytec Medical software. The Interactive Training Suite is organized into six distinct modules: 1) Setup and Maintenance, 2) Daily Accounting Activities, 3) Billing and Accounts Receivable, 4) Cash Flow Analysis and Practice Management, 5) Appointments Scheduling,  6) Collections. Each interactive training module includes audible lessons that are organized into specific courses allowing you to choose those areas of Lytec that are of particular interest. This method of organization enables you to easily navigate through the interactive products training modules so that you can learn at your own pace and maximize your Lytec computing experience. Click here for details.

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The Lytec Medical 2006 Deluxe Training Library includes:
  • Interactive Training CD's - Over eight hours of instruction that allows you to proceed at your own pace. The format helps you to interact with the products. Easily jump in and out of the training CD as time allows.


Contact us for a fully functional Lytec medical billing demo and you can call us for a brief training session to help you evaluate this easy and very affordable products!

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