The real solution for wireless and web-based clinical automation.

The TouchWorks™ software solution provides Just Right, Just-in-Time Information®, enabling physicians to improve clinical outcomes, enhance financial performance, and save time.

Allscripts offers a unique approach to clinical automation, allowing physicians to start with a single application That enables practices to start with the tools that solve their most pressing needs first and demonstrate a measurable return-on-investment.

Using a wireless handheld device or desktop workstation, TouchWorks automates the most common physician activities including prescribing, capturing charges, dictating, ordering labs and viewing results, providing patient education, and taking clinical notes. 

  • Rx+: Prescribing and Medication Management
  • Pocket Library™: Clinical References
  • Dictate - Dictation and Transcription Management

Allscripts also offers FirstFill™, enabling physicians to fill a patientís first prescription for the most commonly prescribed medications, at the point of care. FirstFill is a proven and highly effective way to improve compliance and outcomes, while providing a return on investment for the physician practice.

Contact us for information and/or demo of this great product (that X-Links with Lytec and other practice management systems.



TouchWorks applications:

  • Provide real-time information for better clinical decisions
  • Streamline care processes to improve physician productivity
  • Enhance the physician/patient relationship
  • Provide a measurable return on investment



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