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Imagine having your documents merely a fingertip away and file rooms transformed into productive exam rooms. It is all possible with eScan, a remarkable software program that gives the power to increase productivity, respond to patient's needs instantly, and maintain uncompromising security. The days of file cabinets and wasted time searching  to find patient's charts are over. The best part is, your information is authentic and easy to find and share. (And view in the patient's chart in Medinotes e)

Powerful yet designed with a user-friendly graphical interface.
Keep years of documents on-line millions of documents instantly searchable.
Document Portability organize documents, store them according to the situation, take them with you, or create portable CDs or DVDs.
Barcode Cover Pages speeds up scanning process and assures more accuracy.
Divider Pages automatically route scanned documents. Conveniently sort and scan documents while indexing them at a later time.
Templates allow users to define different types of documents with custom values providing more relevant information.
Easy to understand english-like search expressions let you search like a pro without being a Boolean search expert.
Role based security you specify who has access to what information and what actions users can take.
Full auditing see who viewed, emailed, faxed, or modified a document.
Portfolio Manager automates cover page generation, storage location structuring, document indexing, retention criteria, and security with minimal data entry.
Works seamlessly with ISIS and TWAIN scanners, digital copiers, and multi-function devices.
Supports automated collection from digital copiers.
Web enabled with optional eScan Web Server.
Scalability works great from one to hundreds of users.
Easy to upgrade.
Powered with industry standard MSDE or SQL Server.
Hot Folders provides automatic routing of documents. Supports one-touch document creation.
Key From Image rapidly assign index values while reviewing the documents on
Communicate with other providers, insurance companies more efficiently by sending documents to them in a universal PDF form.
Save time by manipulating charts directly in eScan .
Increase efficiency by having the ability to fax documents directly.
Less training time for new eScan users with the more user friendly options and improved help manual.
Improve productivity by allowing staff to print their documents and emails directly into eScan, bypassing the physical printing stage.

Want to Know the best thing about eScan? It is affordable and it can pay for itself within the first year! Not only will you save money, you will save time as well. eScan's powerful indexing utility and search engine make filing and finding information a quick and simple task.


  eScan was built to provide you the information you need with just a simple search.

eScan quickly and logically files your paper charts or PC files (word processing files, spreadsheets, , e-mails, faxes, lab results).
The documents are labeled with common attributes or attributes that are specific to your office and organized in a familiar hierarchy of digital cabinets, drawers and folders.
Using plain English rather than cryptic programming searches, you get all the power and flexibility to instantly return the information you need. Search through all the content of a document or narrow your search by choosing the title, document date, author, customer number or date. Keep searches open or zone in on relevant information at the cabinet, drawer or folder level.
For added confidentiality, eScan features a role-based security system that restricts access to specified sensitive charts. eScan gives you and your office the peace of mind that a staff's "view of patient's charts" is as broad or as limited as deemed appropriate.
With the proper printer and email support, you can re-produce your chart documents with stunning detail or share your documents instantaneously with any appropriate entity. With eScan, your information is there and your knowledge is eScan.

With an online database of information, you'll be able to improve efficiently viewing a patients charts, your staff activities and your budget. From the comfort and convenience of your desk or tablet PC, eScan will..

Increase Productivity: To take your business where it needs to go, you have to know where you've been. The trick is not getting bogged down searching, researching and wasting time. With eScan's instant access to information, you will be able to make better, more timely business decisions. Productivity and efficiency will improve. eScan will move your business ahead by providing the kind of knowledge solution you need.
Improve Customer Service: With information at your fingertips, eScan enables you to serve your customers right the first time. No more telephone tag. No more wasted time searching for charts you know are "here somewhere!" With instant access to chart information, eScan will increase your and staff efficiency.
Enhance Your Bottom Line: Certainly, storing and filing paper charts is a time consuming task. Finding them can be an even bigger headache. Every hour spent looking for charts is an hour of productivity lost. The average staff worker spends between 30 minutes to 2 hours searching for charts each day. But also consider the costs of storing your charts in paper: vertical files, cabinets, paper, office space, etc. eScan gives you the power to increase productivity and expand your horizons.

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