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There are several different electronic medical records (EMR) software solutions on the market. Determining the product that is best for your office or hospital takes thorough research. Medical Office Solutions carries many of these different types of EMR systems. One of the premium systems we offer is MediNotes e. This is considered the best of breed for electronic health records or EMR. This system interfaces with over 40 Practice Management Systems, document management systems, appointment scheduling, and much more.

Industry leader: MediNotes Corporation


As one of the first EMR providers in the country, they lead the industry in support and customer service. Designed with small practice physicians in mind, MediNotes is made affordable for all practices and is particularly used in specialties outside of general medicine. This system is easy-to-use and designed to be customized for each office, practice, or hospital. Another superior feature is the start to finish implementation assistance. This easily accessible, reliable, and secure Medical charting software system will change the way you keep records.

Medical charting software

Focused on creating and implementing EHR for clients, this corporation is committed to only the best. The Medical charting software is known for its great accessibility and ease of use. The user-friendly design is perfect for anyone to use, even if they have limited computer knowledge and skills. There are three main screens and the software can be tailored to your needs. This comprehensive charting software is color coded for viewing at a glance. There are graphic options, which also you to add custom images and add pictures to notes. The enhanced data repopulation allows for an efficient workflow and optimal efficiency. This HIPAA certified comprehensive software is easy-to-use, convenient, customizable, and secure.

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